Does such a thing as J-Metal exist?  I’ve heard people refer to Boris’ music as drone metal, psychedelic metal, Japanoise, stoner metal, and post-rock.  They seem to flow in and out of all aforementioned genres while maintaining a highly Japanese core sound.  There is an underlying Eastern spiritualism that is not overt, but certainly at the core of Boris’ expression.

Takeshi, the singer, plays a double-necked, headless guitar/bass combo (which I can only imagine weighs a ton).  His guitar drones underneath bass work allows for versatility in maintaining the heavy force behind Boris.

Boris live @ Loft Shinjuku, Tokyo 7/18/07

The guitar/bass is huge, the gong is huge, the amps are huge, the sound is huge.

Sustain, reverb and other guitar effects (including a discontinued Boss Feedbacker pedal) allow for a massive amount of sound vibrating from guitarist Wata’s Orange cabinets.  When the music hits, you can feel Boris in your soul and you better hope your soul likes to rock. 

The show that I saw at Shinjuku Loft did not include as many experimental explorations as I was expecting, but the band put on a powerful show and the live house was saturated with sound.  A saturation of sound.

Boris recently released Altar, a studio collaboration with the American drone metal band Sunn O))).  Although Boris’ popularity is more widespread in the US than in Japan, they still maintain a dedicated following and are hailed as one of Japan’s leading heavy rock groups.