LOOK OUT: DMBQ is slamming through your eardrums.  DMBQ rocked a packed house at MILK this weekend with heavy psychedelic rock in the spirit of Black Sabbath and Jimi Hendrix.  However, DMBQ also had nuances of metal and punk that sometimes superceded their classic rock influences. 

This was the first show that I’ve been to that resembled a show in America.  Most shows in Tokyo start early, often around 7pm.  The bands play on a tight, regimented schedule that usually ends around 11pm.  DMBQ did not hit their first distorted chord of dissonance until well after midnight.  There were no opening bands and DMBQ hung out back stage until the house was full.

DMBQ live @ MILK 4/13/07 in Tokyo

I had a chance to interview these guys before the show.  On and off stage they were nothing short of rock stars.  The clothes, the attitude, the music.  From the opening chord, they had the energy of an arena rock band that had slammed a case vodka Red Bulls before the show.  I think each member had broken a solid sweat within one minute of being on stage. Slam! Pow! A slap in the face, a bucket of cold water to the head, Dynamite Masters Blues Quartet.

Although all members were overflowing with stage presence, guitarist Toru Matsui provided most of the showboat entertainment.  Playing guitar behind his back, over his head, or using a violin bow instead of a pick, he certainly kept the show entertaining.  His signature move was to hold his Fender Stratocaster in his mouth.  I tried to do this trick at home, and either Toru has a slimmer Stratocaster than I do, or his mouth is enormous.  He would grab the body of the guitar with his mouth and hold it with no hands.  Quite impressive.

All in all, there is no doubt about it: these guys rock.  There’s not much else to say, and I don’t think they would have it any other way.  DMBQ plans to tour America, where they like playing better than Tokyo because “the audience go crazy”.  If you’re in America and see DMBQ scheduled to play at your local venue, LOOK OUT: it’s time to rock.