eX-Girl took the stage in plastic silver dresses, white platform sneakers and pink wigs.  Don’t let the cute girls fool you, these extra-terrestrials can bring the rock and bring it hard.  Hailing from Planet Kero Kero (ribbit ribbit), eX-Girl hovers in a heavy rock spaceship through galaxies of experimentation, caves of punk-operatic vocals and clouds of catchy rock candies that make it impossible to stop bobbing your head. 

Each member took the stage one by one starting with drummer Chihiro.  She opened the show with a drumbeat that had a similar pulse to the foot stomping and hand clapping of Queen’s “We Will Rock You”.  I couldn’t believe how much brute force such a little woman could slam out of the drums. 

e-X Girl live @ WARP 4/7/07 Kichijoji, Tokyo

All three members sang and provided stage antics to liven up the show.  Arms flailing every which way, synthesizer soup and alien samples in multiple languages occupied the time in-between songs.  There was never a dull moment.  Absolute entertainers.

They really put a lot of thought into their music and making it as unique as possible.  Upon interviewing bassist/singer/synth player Kirilo, she said that the band is always trying to stretch their music.  For the past 10 years, eX-Girl has been rocking on the edge of the rock and roll world and pushing into uncharted territories.  They will continue to test the boundaries and make music from their home planet of Kero Kero.  Kirilo also mentioned that it takes more than music to be successful abroad.  The costumes, the gimics, the antics and the image are all testaments to this.  For “Entertainment Super Kero Rock”, make sure to check out eX-Girl.  Their new album Endangered Species can be found here.


Language Barrier, eX-girl


Website: http://www.exgirl.jp/

Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/kirilolaexgirl