This combo of duel guitars, bass, drums, and trumpet takes a minimalistic approach to music in which all components of the song are in perfect balance. No musician or instrument dominates the delicate orchestration. The music of GROUP is moody, dramatic, and surprisingly uplifting. Takehisa Ken, one of GROUP’s guitarists, also has a successful solo career and plays with the well-known band Kirihito. The music of GROUP is a distinct departure from the chaotic, high-energy sound of Kirihito. In contrast to Takehisa Ken’s solo work, which showcases his talents as a guitarist, GROUP compositions focus on harmonies between both guitars with subtle accents from the other instruments. The music of GROUP is introspective, jazz-infused, and worthy of an attentive listener.

Ishikawa- Bass
Hanchou- Trumpet
Ige- Guitar
Takehisa- Guitar
Keisuke- Drums

Year            Album               
2001            Record               
2004            Before Turning Off the Light


Posted by Emma Sklar