Henrytennis surveys an eclectic background of improvisational, groove-oriented music that teeters between progressive rock and alternative jam.  Touching on ethereal soundscapes that hint at subterranean Radiohead, Henrytennis manages to weld jazz, rock and electronica into an ultimately full-bodied sound.

Henrytennis struggles for success in a Tokyo music scene that seems to pay little attention to alternative jam and progressive rock.  I suggested they look into playing summer festivals in America because I think their talent would be given its due appreciation at one of these events. 

The jamband genre, which embodies many rock-oriented improvisational bands in the US, seems to have little exposure in Japan.  This may be partly because most jambands rely on audience energy for enthralling live performances, and this energy does not exist with your average Tokyo audience.  This lack of energy is at the root of frustration among artists in Tokyo.  Despite this frustration, Henrytennis manages to put on a compelling performance and create highly commendable music.

Website: http://www.henrytennis.com

Myspace: myspace.com/henrytennis