Someone once called them a “Violent Neu!” and that’s not a bad assessment. However, there is nothing vintage about Kuruucrew’s mix of relentless rock assaults and noisy head-banging cacophony.  Neu! and other Krautrock bands of the 70’s are often defined by their experimenting with electronics over a steady motorik drum beat.  (Motorik, which means “motor skill” in German refers to the 4/4 drum beat that can be seen in many Krautrock songs from the 70’s.)

Kuruucrew takes the same trance-inducing repetitive groove of Krautrock’s motorik and modernizes it into a hardcore rock sensation that grinds your head to a pulp.  In addition to the stone solid rhythm section, wailing saxophone lines run through effects pedals from saxophonist Akkun (also from Henrytennis) and flagrant guitar massacres from Murata make Kuruucrew worthy carriers of the Japanoise torch.

If the Krautrock motorik is supposed to make you feel like driving a Volkswagon on the Autobahn, then Kuruucrew’s Wasabirock will make you feel like drifting a Honda through Shibuya Crossing decapitating suited salarymen and Japanese school girls.  Wipe the blood from the windshield and turn up the radio, the Wasabirock motorik of the 00’s is tearing a rampage through the Tokyo underground.

The track “6/4” off of Kuruucrew’s latest album Battle Disco is probably the best example of this modernization of Krautrock to embrace the more hardcore/noisy tendencies of modern rock music.   The track still maintains some psychedelic textures provided by Murata’s eerie guitar work and the driving rhythm pulls you in and carries you through the nine-minute rock-trance.

Kuruucrew’s live performances are quite impressive.  It’s pretty unique to see a heavy rock band with a saxophone carrying the melody.  We had the opportunity to see them perform at the underground rock club Earthdom and at Aoyama Cay.  While Earthdom generally has some hardcore/noisy acts (I’d seen Haino KeijiKirihito, Optrum etc.) the show in the posh district of Aoyama seemed a little out of their jurisdiction.  

We ran into guitarist Murata later at a show at Shibuya O-Nest and he was saying that the high society of Aoyama is fucked.  I guess it makes sense that the noise-rockers don’t feel at home in the Beverly Hills of Tokyo.

In any case, both shows were a wild ride and one of the few heavy rock shows I’ve seen that had a trance-inducing affect.  But be careful when getting lost in Kuruucrew’s music, you may snap out of it to find your ears bleeding and your brain washed. 

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