MAD3 slams out instrumental black leather punk from across the Pacific.  One of Tokyo’s foremost underground punk units, MAD3 continues to crank rock n’ roll surf tunes with the vicious bite of punk rock.  Revving their instruments like motorcycles, MAD3 maintains highly sophisticated musicianship without losing the brute force of heavy rock and roll. 

Bassist Haruto and guitarist Eddie Legend (ex. The 5,6,7,8’s) fly through lengthy riffs reminiscent of prog rock compositions while drummer Kyo keeps the rhythms fast and crisp.  The tightness and compositional fury of MAD3 throws them in a new area of punk rock that has outgrown flagrant distortion of sloppy power chords and cantankerous lyrical abrasions. 

MAD3 has continued to challenge themselves for almost two decades and it shows in their skillful adaptation of garage rock, punk, mod and surf into an original sound of ferocity.  The Japanese are infamous for being able to import, absorb and innovate culture.  MAD3 is a perfect example of an innovative band that draws on British and US punk rock traditions and creates a powerful and respected response in the Tokyo underground scene.  Their latest album, Lost Tokyo, is a stunning accomplishment and a must-have for anyone interested in the Tokyo punk scene.
MAD3 live @ Loft Shinjuku, Tokyo 7/18/07