Formed in 1999 as a "3 piece girls band from Tokyo, Japan, Nisennenmondai means computer bug problem of 2000 year. Emerging from the noise circuit in the Kansai region of Japan, Nisennenmondai now plays a cocktail of krautrock and alternative New York 1980's no wave/disco on the rocks, seeming to simply build their songs out of cyclic rythyms and ethereal guitar loops/effects. In 2006 the trio initiated Bjjn Record, on which they released all work national since its conception. bjjn means beautiful men and women. Smalltown Supertown of Norway handles select international releases.

They are small people, but they are sonic giants. They are generous and polite people, but their music is vicious and unforgiving. This dichotomy of structure results in a sound that doesn't ask you to listen, but rather lures you, in a trance, a heavy repetitive rock trance. Since 2004, their current catalogue reflects the Japanese release of five official albums, five CD-R releases, six DVDs (three full concert: two bootleg, three feature live perfomances) four compilation discs, as well as two releases outside of Japan on Norway's "Smalltown Supersound" label.

From on Destination Tokyo- the namesake track off their latest release on Smalltown Supersound: " . . . the women of Nisennenmondai seem to have situated themselves in a car on one of Germany's autobahns, humming along as an endless scroll of pavement unfurls beneath the wheels. Destination Tokyo is pure krautrock in the steady-state mold, finding inspiration in the same "Hallogallo" beat that first got Stereolab on the rails . . . Nisennenmondai have a good ear for the kinds of details that make such a spacious and airy backdrop inviting."

Bass - Yuri Zaikawa
Drums - Sayaka Himeno
Guitar, Loops - Masako Takada

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