Ogre You Asshole

If Modest Mouse and Death Cab for Cutie had a musical love child it would sound un-cannily like Ogre You Asshole. This post-punk Japanese band, whose name stems from a line in Revenge of the Nerds, formed out of the ruins of previous bands and a few steadfast members still looking for the right group and sound.

Ogre You Asshole found a solid group with Manabu Deto on guitar and vocals, Kei Mabuchi on guitar, Norihito Hiraide on bass. The trio united to create an original sound with an equally original name.

The band came to choose their name after vocalist Manabu Deto asked Eric Judy, bassist from Modest Mouse, for his signature. Judy replied by signing "Ogre You Asshole" on Deto's arm. They had a band, a hilarious name, and an undeniable chemistry that was apparent on their very first demo.  

Ogre You Asshole's sound is as unique as their name. They are a mix of the upbeat alternative punk sound of popular American bands such as Modest Mouse and Franz Ferdinand coupled with the mellower tempo of bands like Death Cab for Cutie. On songs such as "Advantage" and "Flag", Ogre You Asshole picks up the beat, producing some serious guitar riffs and bass beats.  They combine this song with slower tempo at parts and shake up the pace throughout the song to keep the audience intrigued.

On other tracks such as "Atari Wa Koko" and "Purple Tights" have a more indie rock feel to them with their more acoustic sound. These songs tend to have a slower tempo and a less eardrum-invading beat. On each album Ogre You Asshole switches between these two styles, and unlike most other bands they do it successfully.

Their cohesive quality as a band and talent was evident from their first demo album. As their first self-titled album landed in 2005 with its lead single "Tanashi", it was clear that they had begun to fine-tune their skill and talent. In between their first effort and their sophomore effort, they released a mini album called Keikin Wa Sayu Gyaku No Kital. This album contained their hit "Advantage", undoubtedly one of their most popular songs, it's full of an fast, upbeat sound that kept their audience intrigued and undoubtedly projected them farther into the spotlight.

In 2007 Ogre You Asshole dropped their second album, Alpha Beta vs. Lambda. This latest album has illustrated the bands growth and ability to churn out a sound unlikely to disappoint their fan-base.

Ogre You Asshole has the ability to diversify their sound successfully and has created a different sound wave in the current Tokyo music scene. They are definitely a band to keep an eye on, and with a name like that how can you not.


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Posted by Amber Clark