Rabi Rabi x Piko

RaBiRaBi x Piko summon their primitive souls through spiritual rhythmic explorations and improvisational percussion journeys.  Their performance at Shibuya O-Nest felt as if they had taken the raw energy of a drum circle off the street and channeled this spontaneous energy into a comprehensive musical organism.  In an interview they mentioned how they generally prefer to perform on the streets and at open-air festivals (matsuri).

It was easy to see that their musical influences lay in native sounds from around the world.  Everyone has rhythm nestled in their body and RaBiRaBi x Piko uses percussion, vocal chants and callings to extract this natural rhythm.  Singer Azumi explained, “I want to synchronize the world.  When we play, we send the vibrations not just here, but all around the world.  I want to awake the primitive feelings and survival feelings that are inside of everyone.”

The key to their music is “ki”.  The kanji is written like this: 気  It translates to soul/spirit/feeling and is at the root of RaBiRaBi x Piko’s music. 

RaBi RaBi x Piko Live @ Shibuya O-Nest, Tokyo 6/13/07

Extracting the rhythm of their soul, tribal vibrations with spiritual annotation filled the air and created a primal atmosphere of musical expression.  Unfortunately, due to Tokyo’s notoriously shy audiences, there was not the enormous dance party that one would expect.  I can understand why they prefer to play outdoors.  A festival atmosphere has higher energy and the natural feeling of the sun and the wind can sweep you away at the beat of a spiritual drum.  Nonetheless, they put on a powerful performance and even if shy Tokyoites couldn't get themselves to dance, I have no doubt that the vibrations touched their 気.

So put down your tofu burgers, kick off the Birkenstocks and let your dreadlocks down as RaBiRaBi x Piko’s rapturous rhythms vibrate your soul and excite your spirit.  Dance!

Website: http://www.rabirabi.com/

Myspace: myspace.com/rabirabi