Pechiku! Pechiku! An all-encompassing adjective for rock in the language of Sajjanu. Consisting of artists from such groups as Green Milk From the Planet Orange, Massimo and Mahiruno, Sajjanu is an all-star trio of prog-rock shredders.

Light-hearted and heavy-hitting Sajjanu's cut/paste rock shredding has hints of Ruins and Naked City with their quick bursts of metal riffing and prog-rock complexity. When composing songs they play rock-paper-scissor-shoot to decide which member will write the next riff or phrase. The songs are jagged, abrasive and in a matter of measures will switch gears completely.

When asked how many songs they play in a typical live set, they replied that it depends how you look at it. Either 1 or 150.

Sajjanu recently released an album with fellow Tokyo group Kuruucrew.