Have you ever died in a video game and felt good about it?  Did you ever wish the soundtrack to your favorite Nintendo game was the soundtrack to your life?  Well put down the Gameboy and get on your dancing shoes because Sexy Synthesizer is going to rock your socks from the arcade to the club.

Nintendo obsessed electronic rockers Sexy Synthesizer give you a double whammy with their funky 8-bit tracks mixed with house beats and visual projections that will make you wonder if you’re in a club or playing Nintendo in your friend’s basement. 

But I thought video games were for dorks? What are all these Tokyo hipsters doing here dancing in the colored lights to Nintendo sounds and gazing at Space Invaders projections?  As if they don’t get enough color light stimulation just walking the streets!

While 8-bit music culture certainly exists outside of Japan, its popularity in Tokyo is probably second to none.  Because Japanese game culture is something original and unique to Japan, the influence of this culture on music provides an avenue for originality that other rock or pop genres seem to struggle with.

Rather than looking abroad for influences, Sexy Synthesizer recalls playing video games or what they called “cocktail games” in Japan during the 80’s.  They wanted their music to recreate the sights and sounds from their youth.  Apparently video arcades in Japan during the 80’s used to be sketchy places that were often dirty and dangerous.  Takeshi Nagai, the musical component of Sexy Synthesizer, went on to say that usually it's the scary memories that stay with you, but he wanted to remember the sights and sounds of these arcades because he loved them.

Nagai expressed another common sentiment of Tokyo culture, which is an obsession with the future.  With such a dedication to retro sights and sounds of the 80’s, how could this be possible?  He explained that it’s not so much the future that fascinates him, but rather the imagination of the future.  For example, everyone used to think that there would be flying cars in the year 2000, but that wasn’t the case.  When Nintendo came out, everyone thought the video games were from the future, but now they seem ridiculously primitive.  Sexy Synthesizer loves this future fantasy and wants make music that recreates this imagination of the future.

Takeshi Nagai’s day job is working in the major music industry of Japan and although he was embarrassed to tell us who he writes songs for, his professionalism and complexity when approaching music for Sexy Synthesizer is probably a reflection of his extensive experience with music.  However, there is only one word to describe Sexy Synthesizer: FUN!

Daft Punk-style vocoder vocals, 8-bit melodies and funky house beats will get your hips moving and bring a smile to your face as you get lost in a future fantasy from the Japanese game culture of the 80’s.



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  • I love them music and them song.
    It reminds me very basic pure sound and music and not just
    game sound or TECHNO.


    Posted by cyber205, 19/09/2008 6:46am (10 months ago)

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