Takahiro Kido

Somber sounds of eclectic ambience warm the sonic freeways of Takahiro Kido’s contemporary compositions.  Using carefully chosen instrumentation, Takahiro Kido orchestrates a multi-dimensional organism of emotional contemplation and melancholy reflection.  Somewhere in Brian Eno’s sea of musical influence, Takahiro Kido has nestled a pensive corner as an ambient composer.

His music seems to wash over your body and leave a sensation of thought provoking calmness.  Electronic garble floats around a lot of the music, but generally stays in good taste and adds a contemporary texture to the compositions.  Often the juxtaposition of string instruments such as the cello and viola with computer-generated clamor adds a differentiating depth to Takahiro Kido’s music.  The electronics remind the listener of where they are in history and give a temporal reference point for the emotional expression.

Takahiro Kido live @ Star Pine's Cafe, Tokyo 5/28/07

I would suggest that Takahiro Kido look into writing music for films.  The emotional expression of his compositions comes across powerfully, but always maintains subtlety and peaceful beauty.  The music could have a dynamic relationship with visual stimulation.  Takahiro Kido realizes this and projects images over the stage while performing.  However, I think the music would work well to emphasize the feeling of a film.

Website: fleursy.com

Myspace: myspace.com/takahirokido