Tenniscoats experiment with a wide range of inspiration in their music.  Both members of the band have pursued solo projects, and together their music competence adds a layer of intrigue to their homemade sound. Their melodies are charming, ethereal, and sometimes haunting. The vocals posses an airy, relatable tone, and the lyrical diction is conversational. The instrumentation is intricate and thoughtful. Because Tenniscoats collaborate with other bands, any given track might have a different assortment of instruments and sounds. Synthesizers and guitar are more or less constant, but brass and woodwinds, among others, make appearances.  Songs range from Indie pop-appeal, to experimental, borderline- psychedelic. On Tan-Tan Therapy, Tenniscoats recruit help from their Swedish Label-mate Tape.

Band Members: Saya and Ueno Takashi (often with guest musicians)

Year        Album                Released by:
2001-     The Theme of Tenniscoats        Majikick
2002    The Ending Theme            Noble
2004    We Are Everyone            Majikick and Rover Records
2005    Live Wanderus (Live)            Chapter Music
2006    7inch (Live)                Enban
2007    Totemo Aimasha            Room40
2007    Tan-Tan Therapy            Hapna
2008 Tenniscoats and Secai Album        Room40 



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