The Fadeaways

New Generation of Tokyo Garage Punk

Meet the next generation of garage punk rockers from Tokyo.  Schooled by Tokyo garage punk legends Guitar Wolf, MAD3 and The 5,6,7,8’s, The Fadeaways carry the torch of 60’s rock n roll tunes packed with the heavy-hitting impact of punk rock.

A sped up blues chord progression, catchy rock n’ roll lyrics, heavy distortion, tight black jeans, Converse All-Stars, sunglasses and cigarettes.  The style is there, the attitude is there, the notes are there. Highly knowledgeable about the history of garage punk, The Fadeaways’ attitude toward their music had a level of sophistication that lead me to believe they are on their way to being the next poster band for Tokyo garage punk.

“We’re not musicians.  Our music is nothing special. Anyone can play it, but this is garage punk.  We learned this from bands like Guitar Wolf and The 5,6,7,8’s, and we hope that we can be the next generation to teach others that they can play these songs as well.”

This attitude seems on par with the backbone of punk rock in general.  It’s not like the Sex Pistols could play their instruments, but they managed to captivate audiences.  Were The Ramones virtuoso musicians? No, but they could play rock n’ roll and they had an attitude and style that fueled their success.  While it is a stretch to compare The Fadeaways to revolutionaries of punk rock, this practice of simplistic song writing and ‘anybody can play’ attitude seems like it will never die.

For foot tapping, head-banging rock n’ roll served straight up with a twist of punk, throw on your tight black jeans and crank Tokyo’s latest rock band to blast out of the garage:  The Fadeaways.  “The next generation is our generation.”




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  • Very nice and clear comment from the FADEAWAYS. I love it! And I'm gald to see the band that I know is introduced to the world like this. Likely to say "Rock'n'roll never fades away!"

    Posted by GOTEAUXSSON from Tokyo, 25/09/2008 7:23am (10 months ago)

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