The Lady Spade

Straight out of a James Bond movie, watch out for the fiery retro Tokyo entertainer with the codename: The Lady Spade.  She’s a secret agent straight out of the 1960’s who’s posing as a singer, dancer and seductress with a team of go-go dancing secretaries.  She’s got the fashion, the passion and looks to charm, entice and entertain even the most professional international agents.

Let’s meet the cast.  We’ve already been acquainted with the woman of the hour, The Lady Spade, but let’s not forget her dispatcher. The MC, DJ and composer behind the whole operation: SLF (Shit Lives Forever).  This guy looks like a Japanese Ron Jeremy and just like in Charlie’s Angles, he’s got a team of gorgeous women in his back pocket (or front pocket…ooh la la)

Inspired by movie and television soundtracks of the 60’s and 70’s, The Lady Spade is a highly choreographed pop-fashion experience of cinematic proportions.  Pop melodies, electronic backdrops and synchronized dancing in matching outfits make this group impossible to forget.

While there seems to be a significantly sized culture of 60’s throwback artists in Tokyo, The Lady Spade maintains a retro-future sound that remains contemporary.The Lady Spade explained that there are many different 60’s cultures, fashions and themes from around the world.  They take all of these cultures and mix them up.


This cultural fusion, be it of present or past cultures, seems to be a theme to Tokyo life. America is often referred to as a “melting pot”, but Tokyo’s sub-culture has a lot of similarities to this notion.  This mixture and fusion of world cultures is a heavy presence on Tokyo life and in many ways feeds to its uniqueness.   While in America, the “melting pot” directly refers to world cultures and peoples mixing and fusing, in Japan this “melting pot” seems to be represented more by influence and impressions of world cultures rather than the actual peoples or cultures themselves.

In any case, with the looks and moves of The Lady Spade, sociological anthropology will be the last thing on your mind as your jaw drops and you’re pulled into the entertainment at a gangster hangout from your favorite Bond movie.