Tokyo Pinsalocks

Is this a transmission from Planet Kero Kero? Are we meeting Buffalo Niece?  Floating in the cosmos of extra-terrestrial Japanese creativity, Tokyo Pinsalocks are riding a new wave pop sensibility that harbors solid rock grooves and synthesizer driven melodies.  They bring new meaning to David Bowie’s lyric, “In Space it’s always 1982.”
Naoko’s dreamlike vocals tease pop convention while distorted bass riffs, tight rhythms and synthesizer colors enforce that Tokyo Pinsalocks are far from sugary J-pop candy.  They successfully blend a pop conscious with a revival of old styles centered on new wave synth-rock and ethereal krautrock.

Their ability to maintain psychedelic synthesizer grooves while simultaneously providing danceable pop catchiness suggests Tokyo Pinsalocks are in for a crossover audience in both mainstream and underground communities.  Paying keen attention to visual aesthetics and fashion, these girls have harnessed the art of making pop-collage music that is reminiscent of 1990’s Shibuya-kei pastiche culture.

It’s about time for a new wave revival and what better place than Japan to get things going.  Along with Polysics and Budo Grape, the music of Tokyo Pinsalocks promises an entertaining pop-revival of new wave synth-rock styles.