Uhnellys is a Japanese hip-hop duo consisting of KIM (vocals, bass, guitar, and trumpet) and MIDI (drums,chorus). Kim makes real-time loops of bass, guitar, trumpet and vocals which coupled with Midi's live drumming creates a full bodied beat and musically complex backdrop for Kim's rhymes.

Their sound incorporates elements of rock, hip hop, and jazz with impressive musicianship and aggressive, philosophical lyrics.

Uhnellys will release mini album [ PIKA mood ] on September in JP & AT . This CD is band sounds + electronic music. Producer is zero db from NINJA TUNE.

and, remixer is Mike Doughty [ ex Soul coughing ] & Cee [ from AL HACA ].

Uhnellys is also currently making their next new mini album. This CD is uhnellys + jazz acoustic bass player . Producer is TOKIE .

Website: www.uhnellys.com
Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/uhnellys