Yudaya Jazz

As a video artist, Yudaya Jazz, juxtaposes multi-media in a way most people cannot imagine. He synchronizes the images and sounds on an audio/visual platform outfitted with a set of turntables, a laptop, video camera, microphone, multiple projectors and sometimes a piano. Most importantly he holds mastery over all of these components and the ability to improvise and perform across media. The result is an amplified combination of real-time imagery with live sound that are created and controlled simultaneously.

Yudaya Jazz began making films and showing them in a cinema in Tokyo. After showing his films relentlessly, he came to realize that repetitively showing film was visually boring and he began to alter the soundtracks to his own delight. Gaining a new audience for his live film / audio synchronization, Yudaya Jazz moved from the cinema to the stage and continued performing in Tokyo clubs and live houses.

Yudaya Jazz can be seen playing throughout Tokyo and collaborating with the most innovative artists in the community as he continues to elevate everyone's notion of the term VJ.